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About Me

I am influenced by rich childhood experiences in East Africa. In adulthood, I am further inspired by my surroundings, people, places, behaviour and emotion.

My art is a representation of my perception of life—dynamic, complex and yet simple. Vibrant colours are the main substance of my art works. Construct/deconstruct is my process.

My paintings have been featured in 4 Saatchi catalogues, including the Spring 2020. My work can also be found on Artfinder and on the Saatchi website. My paintings were chosen by Dolcezza to use on their fabrics as part of their 2020 Collection. I've had my work installed at The Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Art collection in New York, and at Chubby Castor, A Michelin starred restaurant in the UK. I was also featured in Country & Town House in 2020.

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What is it about my art and abstraction that I am feeling and trying to consciously and subconsciously convey?

It is that tightrope that I am trying to walk psychologically from being of mixed race background. The Indian and the African— the two cultures which are very rich and dotted with the history of colonisation in both continents. The conflicts and peace are often played out in my paintings. At times the celebration breaks through and yet the conflicts can be quite visceral in my paintings.

I am then transported to a Western / European idiom through my 40 years of living in England. I have absorbed rich ideas, customs and values from these three peoples, societies and cultures, which have influenced me both personally and in the expression of my art.

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